Welcome to the SagesPrison Store!

In this store you can purchase ranks. SagesPrison is currently in BETA, so things still need to be updated here. Our Staff team is committed to making sure you have a good time. We will have a TOS(Terms of Service) in the future. For now just read /rules on the server. Chargeback's are not ALLOWED under any extent. Please get your parent's permission before purchasing a rank. If you do chargeback, your donation rank is stripped, and your account is reset. If you continue to purchase and chargeback, you will be banned from using the SagesPrison Store, and be banned from the server. Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you have a wonderful time on SagesPrison!

 We are not at any shape or form affiliated with Mojang! Any purchases made are going directly to SagesPrison! Do NOT contact Mojang about any purchasing issues you have with our server. If you do have any purchasing issues with the server, contact the SagesPrison staff! Thanks!